The benefits of water softeners include but are not limited to:

  • Softer skin and clean smoother hair.
  • Cleaner and shinier silverware, glass, mirrors, tiles and any other cleaning done with soft water.
  • Cleaning is made way easier due to reduced soap curd.
  • Housework is reduced due to the new efficiency of the water in your home.
  • Soap and shampoo now produce a rich lather and require you to use less of it.
  • Your clothes are now softer when you wash at home with water from you water softener. No more hard minerals staying trapped in your fabric.
  • Clothes and other fabrics last longer.
  • White clothes stay whiter and colors brighter. Hard water tends to make any color dull with time.
  • The life of all your water appliances are also extended due to the missing culprit ( hard water ) behind calcium build up in faucets, shower heads, plumbing, coffee machines, ice makers, and much more.

What is hard water?

Water Hardness: A common quality of water which contains high amounts of dissolved compounds of calcium and magnesium.

Composed of many dissolved minerals, hard water is known to be mostly made up of calcium and magnesium. You  may have had an encounter with hard water more often than you think. Have you ever washed your hands and felt a film like residue afterwards? If so then hard water is more than likely the culprit. When the calcium and magnesium in hard water react with soap they form “soap scum”. Therefore hard water makes you have to use a lot more soap or detergent to get anything done.


There’s no doubt about it, hard water will leave your dishes and silverware cloudy and unappealing. Upon opening and checking on the dishes after running the dishwasher you may have noticed them with spots or a film residue. Residential Water and Commercial Water users alike have concerns about the hardness of their water. Your home water heater is overworking itself if you have hard water, that is because calcium carbonate deposits (calcium scale) can form when hard water raises in temperature due to heating. This scale can reduce the life of equipment, raise the costs of heating the water, lower the efficiency of electric water heaters, and clog pipes. 

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